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You have the whole universe to yourself. You can go anywhere or whenever. But do you really know who you are?

A quick developer's word

Games have been in my life since I remember. I've always loved them, and each stage of my life I had different opinions and feelings towards games, and they growed, changed and became more plural as I did too. When I started to actually develop games, I realized I make games to express myself or something, and I feel an ultimate pleasure in building my own world to let people walk in there. Because games are like that, you can put everything you want: the landscape, the music, the characters, the story, everything is yours (to choose or to create), they bring the oportunity for you to mix together all art forms at once, and that fusion always turn into something unique because it's your own universe.

White Noise is the first complete little universe I built. I've placed a story and feeling of my own in there, expecting people to see stuff directly from my own eyes, but even so, seeing completely different things. Because I think that's the magical recipe for art: It's only really complete when people put their own thoughts towards it, so it can keep changing and growing timelessly. That said, I want to say thanks to you, player, who helped me in making my game complete!

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Unzip and embrace the reality.


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